Q- I like the courses you offer, are these only open market classes or can I arrange set up these courses to be held at my facility?

A- It is very easy to have one or all these courses set up in your facility. We are based in the DFW area; however, we travel throughout Texas. The first step is to identify your specific needs. Next, we will get with you to arrange a schedule that works for you. Some clients like us to develop a Training Matrix that ensures their employees receive the training they need.



Q- For your open market courses, how do I receive notice of when and where they are?

A - With your permission, we can add you to our contact list and notify you when a new open market course schedule is posted. Also, please bookmark our website on your browser so you can check-in from time to time. We make frequent updates a technology changes or new regulations are implemented.


Q- Do you have on-line training or webinars?

A - We currently do not offer on-line courses, however that is a feature we are looking to be adding soon.


Q - Do have a Blog or offer on-line webinars?

A- We currently don’t have on-line webinars, but we are contributors to the WEAT Safety / Cyber-security Committee and they do sponsor webinars from time to time. We will be adding a Blog to the site shortly.


Q- Are all your courses approved by TCEQ?

A - Yes - the courses currently listed on the tceqtraining.com website are approved by TCEQ for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Water and Wastewater Operator license renewal.


Q – Do you offer other safety courses that are not featured on the website.

A – Yes, as Safety Consultants with over 30 years of experience, we do teach several other safety courses. Simply fill out the Contact Us and request a Course List and we’ll send one.


Q – What makes your courses any better than what has been available for years and years?

A – I agree, there are courses that have been available for years, this statement strikes at the heart of why we developed new OSHA compliant / TCEQ approved courses. Operators have heard the same material presented the same way for a long time. Our courses are based on OSHA requirements, because, when you look at the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 30 (TAC-30) it refers to OSHA Standards several times in many several different applications. Also, laws and regulations have changed that may not be included in the older material.


 Q- Water and Wastewater Operators licenses renewal required 30 CEUs every three years, are the courses listed on the website truly useful for license renewals?

A – Yes, upon successful completion, CEUs are submitted directly to STEERS. It typically takes a few days for us to get them submitted and it takes about a day for CUEs to show up on an individual’s license matrix. If an operator holds multiple license, they will receive credit on each one.


Q – You only mention Water and Wastewater Operator license, are the courses listed approved for any other license, for example: CSI, Backflow, Irrigation?

A – The short answer is No, they are not approved for CSI< Backflow or Irrigation. But is the information useful for all employees? That answer is a resounding yes. Because the courses are based on OSHA regulations they are nationally recognized safety training standards.


Q-  How do courses designed to keep up with today’s regulations and technology.

A – Technology and regulatory compliance is continually changing. When working with a specific client, we like to use their equipment, documents and techniques. Therefore, we must first inspect each component before we start teaching. So, the best way to answer this question is with a question. How up to date is your equipment? Take for example Confined Space Entry Equipment:  tri-pods, fall protection, wenches and retractable fall protection have manufacturer recommendations on how often they must be inspected and or recertified. If your equipment is more than 5 years old, it’s time to replace it or recertify it.

Regulations change as well, a couple example include: Confined Space Entry, OSHA revised the Confined Space standards in 2016; Hazard Communication was revised in 2015 to include the Globally Harmonized System (GHS); and TCEQ passed Chapter 217.


Q- How can you help if my policies, programs and training all need to be updated?

A – Tceqtraining.com is owned and operated by Baldwin EHS Consultants LLC. (EHS stands for Environmental, Health & Safety). We have been in business since 2008 and our consultants have over 30 years of combined experience. We work with a verity of Cities, Municipalities, Manufacturing companies and Constructions companies. It is our job to keep up with governmental regulations and modern technology to best serve or clients. The short answer is, let’s talk.